Former VP Joe Biden held a virtual roundtable discussion with healthcare professionals to discuss how COVID-19 is impacting their lives at work and at home. Two of our AFT nurse members were part of that discussion.

AFT co-hosted the Public Education Forum 2020 in Pittsburgh with seven of the major presidential candidates discussing public education and taking questions in front of an audience of nearly 1,500 people. The candidates addressed how the narrative has changed regarding the promise and purpose of education and what we need to ensure all children have the opportunity regardless of their demography or geography. Watch the entire forum here

AFT members are energized and speaking up about what’s on the line in the upcoming presidential election. We care, fight and show up for our students, our patients and our communities. And we need a candidate for president who will do the same. #aftvotes #IamAFT

AFT’s 2020 presidential endorsement process gives AFT members an opportunity to engage directly with candidates about their priorities. Hear from members who have had that opportunity! #AFTvotes

AFT is committed to achieving the highest level of member engagement in our 2020 presidential endorsement process. Together, we can ensure that our collective voice shapes the debate and that we elect a candidate who shares our values and vision for our country. Visit for more information. #aftvotes