Elections Matter

This election year, everything is on the line; our healthcare, our schools, our economy and even our democracy are at risk. We cannot sit idly by. We need to raise our voices, get active and VOTE.

Elections have consequences. From the steps of our state capitols to the halls of Congress, the people we choose to represent our interests make all the difference. Their decisions affect every aspect of our lives, including the quality of our schools, the healthcare we receive and the rights we continue to enjoy.

With record turnout in 2020, we elected representatives who put working families first, and the results are undeniable. Click here for a sample of what our elected leaders have achieved on behalf of our members:

We need to support candidates who share our vision of a nation where everyone can succeed: Leaders who will fight to make higher education affordable to all, expand access to high-quality healthcare and support our public schools. Leaders who will create good jobs and ensure that after a lifetime of work, we can retire with dignity and security. All of this is possible only if we make our voices heard and VOTE.