What Kids and Communities Need Bus Tour

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Dozens of Events Will Champion What Kids and Communities Need, with America’s Freedom and Democracy on the Line

On a sunny autumn afternoon, AFT leaders kicked off the “#AFTvotes—What Kids and Communities Need” bus tour at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay with a press conference advocating for continued funding for public education and urging people to get out and vote for elected officials who will work toward that goal. Specifically, speakers urged the students and community members in attendance to re-elect Gov. Tony Evers and state Rep. Kristina Shelton and to support state representative candidate Hannah Beauchamp-Pope, all of whom spoke about their commitment to the public good.

Evers talked about the education funding he secured despite the pandemic, contrasting that to his opponent’s proposal to cut public education funding by 40 percent. For that reason and others, said AFT President Randi Weingarten, “we have to do everything in our power to make sure that Gov. Evers is re-elected, … that we bring Wisconsin forward, not backward, with real policymakers and problem-solvers who … bring people together.”

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Tour Moments

AFT Votes in Cincinnati
AFT Executive Vice President Evelyn DeJesus in Cincinnati with members on the AFT Votes Bus Tour 

AFT Votes Bus Tour in Cincinnati
AFT Votes Bus Tour in Cincinnati

AFT Votes Bus Tour in Cincinnati
AFT Votes Bus Tour in Cincinnati​​​

AFL-CIO voter canvass with AFT Retirees
AFL-CIO voter canvass with AFT Retirees. Photo by Megan Ackerman.