AFT Voices

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Our voice is our power. Hear what AFT members who hold elected office have to say about the importance of all of us being involved in the electoral process.

Johanna Lopez
Orange County School Board
Orange County Classroom Teachers Association (Fla.)
Cody Thompson
West Virginia House of Delegates
Stacey Caruso-Sharpe
Galway Central School District Board of Education
Amsterdam Teachers’ Association (N.Y.)
Nicole Terminelli
St. Lawrence County Board of Legislators
Massena Federation of Teachers (N.Y.)
Willie Madrid
New Mexico House of Representatives
Gadsden Federation of Teachers (N.M.)
Moffie Funk
Montana House of Representatives
Montana City Education Association (Mont.)
Rodney Miller
West Virginia House of Delegates
Terry Clements
Westchester County Board of Legislators
New Rochelle Federation of United School Employees (N.Y.)
Daniel Dromm
New York City Council
United Federation of Teachers (N.Y.)
Robert Thompson
West Virginia House of Delegates

Why are you voting?

Your vote is your voice, and we want to lift up your voices.

Click the “Be Heard” button and record a video telling us what issue is motivating you to vote in the primary. Be sure to include your name and your local! As part of our endorsement efforts, we’ll share select clips on social media and host them on

You can use your phone to record, or you can save this link and send us a message from your computer at home. Remember, keep your video short and concise (no more than 60 seconds).

Remember, keep your video short and concise.