Georgia Senate Runoff Elections

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For four years, we have witnessed stonewalling, confusion and chaos in our government at the highest levels. Today, all eyes are looking to Georgia to change that. Both U.S. Senate seats from Georgia are up for grabs, and on Jan. 5, the people of Georgia will decide who their senators will be and, ultimately, who will control the Senate for the next two years. This election will have a huge impact on the life and well-being of every Georgian. Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff will be senators Georgians can trust to lead with conviction, with compassion, and with the best interests of the people of Georgia in mind.

Do you live in Georgia?

You can check your registration, make a vote plan and find out who on the ballot.



#AFTvotes Warnock and Ossoff

Flyer: #AFTvotes Warnock and Ossoff
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Your Vote Will Make a Difference

Flyer: Your Vote Will Make a Difference - Make Sure It's Counted
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